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The latest Middlebrook reunion newsletter

For those who arent subscribed to the newsletter – here is the latest newsletter


You can subscribe to the newsletter by filling in your name and email address in the form  on the right of this page .

We need your info, your ideas and your feedback!

Our early ( and definitely subject to change ) plans for the reunion is that it will take place over 2 days.
On the first day we will have a registration desk where you can pick up your colour coded name tag ( according to your branch of the family). We will have board with information on each branch  and plenty of time to get together, chat and share our familly stories with each other in a casual way.
We will have a photographer who will take photos throughout the day.
Then in the evening we hope to have an optional restaurant dinner - this will not be part of the registration cost, and will be informal.
The next day we hope to have a catered lunch with several talks and presentations about the family history , and more photos before we farewell each other.
This reunion is all about family, which means you. We want your ideas and feedback on the format of the Reunion- what you would like the experience to be like .
With 11 months to go we have plenty of time to plan and make changes and include your ideas.
Please email us and let us know what  you want out of this reunion

The Middlebrook Reunion Committee so  far consists of the following people:
Jennie and Paul Forder - Jennie is a Great Granddaughter of Samuel Middlebrook.
Judith Anderson- Judith is the Great Granddaughter of Jane Thompson Middlebrook ( the eldest daughter of John and Ellen Middlebrook  - not to be confused with the Jane Thompson Middlebrook who was the daughter of John and Mary Ann Middlebrook)
Lauren Bavin- Lauren is a Great Great Granddaughter of Samuel Middlebrook.
We are a small group and could certainly do with lots of help, so if you are interested in joining us please drop us a line at

Meet Ellen Middlebrook ( nee Farrer) 1820-1915 and the matriarch of our branch of the Middlebrook Family.
Currently we hold digital copies of over 400 family photographs and documents covering at least 4 generations.
Lauren's goal is to include all the photos into a book or series of books that will be able to be purchased at the reunion . These books will form a valuable repository of Middlebrook history that can be easily shared and kept.
To make the job easier, it would be wonderful if you could scan and send photos that you have to Lauren before the reunion.
Great thanks go to those who have already shared their precious colllection.
We will feature photographs in each newsletter, and in particular we will include photographs of people we are yet to identify


Who am I?


The lady on the right is Margaret (Dot) Middlebrook, but who does she have her arm around? Can anyone identify this mystery woman?


Update!- We have now identified this woman and it appears she is not related and is not as we had hoped Mary Jane Middlebrook, – Samuel Middlebrooks wife, – photos of whom , bar one that most descendants seem to have a copy of, elude us!  This lady is apparently a family friend “Mrs Harrison”





For our reunion to be as successful as possible we need to get word out to as many relations as possible.
We also would like our family tree ( which currently if we printed it on A4 sheets is 51 sheets wide!) to be as complete as possible.
To that end we would like for you all to fill out a Family Group Sheet which you can find below so we can include as many on the tree as possible.
You don't need to worry about internet privacy, this information is not public- it only goes to the reunion committee.
We also really need you to spread the word and make sure all the family signs up to the database regardless of whether they know they are going to attend the reunion. At this stage we aren’t asking for firm commitments or money, just an expression of interest.
Anyone connected to the Middlebrook family is welcome and can sign up on the right hand side of the blog
If your relatives don't have computer access, please help us by emailing for them,  their details including the following
Name, Address, Phone Number, Branch of the family from whom descended to

Remember to please fill out the family group form - Click here to enter

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