Saturday, February 22, 2014

Save the Date(s)! - January 24 - 26 2015

This weekend has brought quite a bit of Middlebrook Family and Reunion news! – Firstly we have a tentative date – and we are pencilled in to a venue.
The weekend in question is Auckland Anniversary Weekend  24-26 January 2105. We currently are pencilled in for the Sunday with the Sorrento in One Tree Hill. Auckland, however they will only hold a pencilled booking for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!
The trouble with organising an event like this for the first time of course is we have NO idea how many people will be coming. We ( the small committee and I) feel we definitely will have over 50, and probably  up to 100 but its been suggested that we may have up to or over 200 .
This results in quite a dilemma over finding a suitable venue, and in significant cost in paying a deposit, hence we are currently pencilled in and we are looking at other cheaper alternatives . ( If you have any suggestions please do post in the comments as we are well and truly open to suggestions here)
Ive put feelers out for ideas from the various Genealogy groups I belong to and have had some good suggestions for how to run a reunion but not so many on venues as yet.
We understand the majority of people likely to attend  may well  be superannuitants and we would like to keep the cost as low as possible, while making for  a comfortable and enjoyable event.
What we would love for you to do now is to get word out to your relatives and any other contacts you feel might be interested in attending our reunion.
The earlier we have a firm idea on numbers the easier the organising is going to be .

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