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Middlebrook Reunion Newsletter dated October 6










Welcome to the new subscribers since our last newsletter. We now send this newsletter out to 69 separate email addresses. ( Our first newsletter went out to 13 so it is very exciting to see how the news is spreading.)
The year is racing toward its conclusion.  It is only just over 3 months till the reunion .


The pictorial books planned for the reunion will include photos of as many descendants as we can possibly find.
For some we understand that there may be no photos in existence but it would be  a real pity for people to be missing if there are photos available
Here is a list of names for whom we dont have a photograph
  • John Middlebrook Sr - This is probably the most wished for photograph of all. We have a few photos of Ellen but nothing of John unfortunately
  • Henry Cockroft Middlebrook   We have photos of the other children as teenagers. Henry died aged 15, but we havent found any photo of him as yet
  • Amy McRa(e) and her husband Patrick Fennell Amy and Patrick died leaving their 2 sons orphans. To date no photographs of Amy or Patrick have been found  ( Edit – we now have 3 photos of Amelia!!)
  • Nellie McRa(e) Nellie is a bit of a mystery woman. We have no birth registration, nor death registration for her, but rumour has it she went to Fiji with her brother Robert Irwin McRae and died there.
  • Sara, Mary Ellen, and Jack ( John Farrer) Middlebrook we have no photos of the 3 children of Benjamin Middlebrook, though photos of Benjamin and his wife Alice have been located.
  • George Douglas Hardy jr son of Elizabeth and George Douglas Hardy. He was a borough councillor for Devonport so I would assume photos of him and his wife Alice Maud Harradance do exist.  We also would love photos of George and Alices children Dorothy May Hardy, George Douglas Hardy and Bruce Quentin Hardy
  • Robert Farrar Hardy We have no confirmed photos of Robert Hardy to date nor of his children Florence Jessie Hardy, Robert Farrer Arthur Hardy, Charles Douglas Haig Hardy and Lillabud Jean Hardy
  • Frank Leslie Hardy Frank was actually the son of Ellen Hardy but was bought up by Elizabeth and George Douglas Hardy as their son. We have no confirmed potographs of him.
  • Norma Madeleine and Douglas Nelson Hardy These two were the children of Benjamin F Hardy. We also require a photograph of Benjamin's wife Martha Nealie. Norma and Douglas died in the 1990s so I am certain photos exist of them. Martha died in 1967
  • Grace Ivy Cooper and Clifford and Norman Cooper Children of Susan Hardy and James Bailey Cooper - we have a wedding photo which probably includes Clifford and Norman, and possibly Grace  although this is unconfirmed and another photo would allow us to confirm this.
  • Gladys, Reginald and Rita Stonex  These three were the children of Eleanor ( daughter of John) and Frederick Stonex. We do  not appear to have a photo of Frederick Stonex either. ( Edit – we now have photos of Reginald and Rita Thelma Stonex!!)
  • The Furness Family -we do have one  photo of Edna as a child  but we do not have photos of Muriel, Douglas, Arthur, Miriam or Joan Constance Furness - nor do we appear to have a photo of Mary Ann Middlebrook's husband Arthur John Furness
  • The Rickit Family We do have one single photograph apparently of Avis Rickit as a child. We dont appear to have any photographs of Cyril John Rickit or Kenneth Farrer Rickit
  • The Children of Nelson Middlebrook - We do not appear to have photos of the following children of Nelson Middlebrook Nelson John Middlebrook, Brian Farrer Middlebrook

This list is not exhaustive. I am sure there are others that we are missing, or perhaps the photos we have are lacking detail or not confirmed. Please do let us know if you can share photos of any of the names above.  The sooner Lauren gets copies of the photographs the sooner we can get the book printing underway.

The marriage of Eva Rhys, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Middlebrook, of Mount Albert, to Thomas Henry, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fazackerley, of Liverpool, was celebrated at St. Luke's Church. The Rev. Beck officiated. The bride, who was given away by her  brother-in-law, Mr. Sydney Runciman, wore a dainty frock of lace over georgette, swathed waistband with diamond buckle, and the simple bodice had a cluster of flowers on one shoulder. Her veil, a family heirloom, was of beautiful Honiton lace. A coronet of orange  blossom was worn round the head. She carried a shower bouquet of tuberoses and asters, tied with silver ribbon. The Misses Runciman looked sweet as bridesmaids, dressed in powder blue georgette with caps of tulle and bandeaux of blue satin. The reception was held at the residence of the bride's parents. The rooms were decorated with bowls of mauve and pink asters and a dainty afternoon tea was served. The bride's mother wore a smart beige ensemble suit with the skirt embroidered in contrasting colours and a hat to tone. Mrs. Sydney Runciman was gowned in mauve georgette with a petal skirt and a black and white velvet flower on the shoulder and black hat. Miss Bartle wore black brocade. Amongst the guests were: Sister Hannah, Sister Agnes ,Mesdames Ruddock, Kaiiand, Potter P. J Bach, Rickard, Wilson, Bowles, S. Hunt, Leahy, the Misses Anne and A. Ruddock, E. Coldicutt, M. Hutton-Whitelaw, Fazackerley and Cock.

Auckland Star 14 March 1929


We are still looking for further photographs to include in the Pictorial book which will be available at the reunion - please email Lauren if you have anything at all which may be of interest. This includes not just photographs from the 19th century but also 20th century photographs pertaining to the Middlebrook family.
If you do not have any way of scanning the photographs we may be able to organise someone to visit .
With Christmas between now and the Reunion date, and the busy season encroaching on our lives we have to set a close off date for any photos to be included in the Pictorial History books to be published for the reunion.
The last date for receipt of copies of photos to be included will be November 30.  If Lauren receives photos and stories before this date we will make every effort to have them included. After this date no guarantees can be made, so please dig out those photos and scan them, and more importantly jot down any stories or facts  you think may be of interest for inclusion in the book

An Exciting Find - Original Land Grant Record

(From Lauren)
I was lucky enough to get some help from some Land Record Experts in how to find original land grants, and as a result of this knowledge I have photographs of both of the original grants to John Middlebrook from the 1860s.
This first Grant of land in Wangarei was assigned to John in January 1866 but not signed off until August of the following year - well after Johns death, and several months after Ellen had sold the land to George Wright and Francis Cork for Eighty Three Pounds.
The transcript of the grant above reads as follows
Victoria, by Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen: To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting:
Know ye for the good considerations us thereunto moving We for Us our Heirs and Successors do hereby Grant unto John Middlebrook of Wangarei, Farmer his Heirs and Assigns all that Parcel of land in the province of Auckland in our Colony of New Zealand containing by admeasurement Eighty Three acres more or less siguated in teh Parish of Wangarei in the County of Marsden and being Allotment numbers Ninety One, Ninety Two and Ninety five, Allotment number Ninety one containing twenty one acres Bounded on the North by allotmentnumber ninety one thousand seven hundred and ninety links on the East by a road one hundred links wide, one thousand five hundred links on the South by a road of a width aforesaid. Five hundred and seventy four links and Three hundred and eighty links and on the South west by a road of width aforesaid One Thousand Links and eight hundred Links......... Allotmentnumber Ninety Two containing 33 acres bounded on the north east by the Mangakino River in the East by allotment number ninety three, Two thousand nine hundred and forty links on the south by a road of a width aforesaid seven hundred links and two hundred and forty one links and in the West by a road of width aforesaid. Three thousand seven hundred and thirty three links. Allotment number ninety five containing Twenty nine acres Bounded on the North East by the Mangakino Ribver aforesaid. On the South east by allotment number ninety six Two thousand six hundred links on the South West by a road of width aforesaid. Five hundred and seventy six links and on the West by a Road of width aforesaid Two thousand Tow hundred and seventy links As the same is deliniated on the plan drawn in the margin hereof, with all the Rights and Appurtenances thereto belonging: To hold unto the said John Middlebrook
As from the Fifteenth day of January, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Six In testimony whereof we have caused this Our Grant to be sealed with the Seal of our Colony of New Zealand
No 7655 Rr S50 Witness our Trusty and Well beloved Sir George Grey K.C.B. Govenor and Commander in Chief in and over the Colony of New Zealand at Wellington this Second Day of August in the year of our Reign; and in the year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and Eighty seven
Signed G Grey.

his is the last Will and Testament of me Samuel Middlebrook of Millbridge in the Township of Liversedge in the parish of Birstal in the County of York, Innkeeper. I order and direct all my just Debts, Funeral and Testamentary Expenses and charges of proving and registering this my Will to be paid by my Executor hereinafter appointed out of my personal Estate as soon as convenient after my decease. I give devise and bequeath to my son John Middlebrook all my real and personal Estates whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature or kind soever the same may be to hold the same unto and to the use of my said son John, his heirs, executors administrators and assigns according to the nature and quality thereof respectively. And I do hereby charge and make liable the property hereinbefore given and devised to my said son John, with the payment of the Legacies or Sums following, that is to say, to my Daughter Elizabeth, the Wife of Thomas Sturdy the Legacy or Sum of One Hundred Pounds. To  my daughter Fanny, the wife of Philip Smith the Legacy of Sum of One Hundred Pounds: both the last mentioned Legacies to be paid at the Expiration of twelve months from my decease, but without interest; and to my Son Thomas Middlebrook the Legacy or Sum of Five Pounds to be paid at my decease.  And I appoint to  my son John Executor of this my Will and do hereby revoke and make void all other Wills by me at anytime heretofore made and do declare this to be my Last Will and Testament. In witness where I have to this my Will the whole whereof is contained on this and the preceding side of one sheet of paper subscribed my name this Twenty Ninth day of May in the Year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred and forty six.
Signed by the before named Samuel
Middlebrook in the presence of us,
present at the same time who have
hereunto signed our names as
Witnesses thereto in the presence of the
said Samuel Middlebrook and at his
request and in the presence of each other
Joseph Chadwick- Hatter Millbridge
William Sykes Attorney Millbridge

This photo came from the collection belonging to Valerie Kean, Granddaughter of Charles Samuel Middlebrook.
This is certainly a beautiful wedding and the fact that it is a Whitnall Smith Photograph means it could definitely be the wedding of someone in the family. Does anyone recognise anyone in this photo ? It is probably taken in the early 20th century ( 1905-1915)  based on the fashions

Where can I find more Middlebrook Family History Information??

Have you checked the Middlebrook Reunion Blog recently - Information is posted there regularly that is not necessarily included in the newsletter.
You can find the blog here
Past Issues of the newsletter can be found in the archive here

Reunion Registration Details.

We are excited at the number of registrations we have already received. It sounds like there will be quite a few coming from Australia and this is great to hear.  Its very rewarding to think that through the reunion we are connecting so many family members together.
Reunion registration details are below.
Saturday 24th January - Cost $40 for adults, $10 for children 8-13, Free for children 7 and Under
11am - 4pm
The day will begin with check in where you will be issued with name tags denoting which branch of the family you belong to . This will make it easy for you to recognise those who descend from the same branch of the family as yourself.
From 12 noon we will have our photographer taking formal group photos of each branch of the family and of the whole group, along with roaming candid photos throughout the day.
These photographs will be available in an inexpensive  book form, after the reunion. Orders to be taken on the day or beforehand  via a form which will be included in a later newsletter.
Leading up to the reunion we will announce the price of  a photographic family history book which will be available for pre-purchase and pick up at the reunion. The book is well into production now. In order to include as many branches of the family as possible we need your input.  Please send any family stories and or photos to Lauren as soon as possible.
Finger food and tea and coffee will be supplied throughout the day and a cash bar will also be available for those who wish to make use of it.
There will be photographic and informational displays and a large family tree available for viewing.
Saturday primarily though is a mix and mingle event where we can all get to know each other.
Feel free to bring along any photos or copies, along with family mementos you wish to share or display.
Saturday Evening
This is at your leisure. We have suggestions for local restaurants for those interested.
Sunday 25th January - Cost $50 per adult, $45 per child 8-13 and $ 35 per child Under 7  ( Im sure we will be able to accommodate a lesser cost for children under 5 but we are still working on this)
12 noon - 3:00pm
Buffet Luncheon
Sit down lunch with presentations and speakers (descendants) and cutting of the Reunion Cake
Middlebrook Reunion Registration Form
If you prefer to print and fill in a paper form you can download it here
Saturday Evening
This is at your leisure. We have suggestions for local restaurants for those interested.
Sunday 25th January
12 noon - 3:00pm
Buffet Luncheon
Sit down lunch with presentations and speakers (descendants) and cutting of the Reunion Cake
Middlebrook Reunion Registration Form
If you prefer to print and fill in a paper form you can download it here

Middlebrook Family History Website is now Live

The first stage of the Middlebrook Family History Website is now up and viewable.
The Stories page is regularly updated so feel free to check for new images and stories .
Lauren will be adding to the next generation  pages as time permits

Remember to fill in a Family Group Sheet Form here if you havent already

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