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Middlebrook Family Reunion Newsletter–dated June 26th 2014

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This newsletter now goes out to 54 families- the first issue went out to 13 so its exciting to see word is spreading. Keep it up- a family reunion is all about family so we would love to meet as many of you as possible.
Please fill out the family group sheet form if you haven't filled one out already so our tree can be as comprehensive as possible
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(by Lauren Bavin)
I've noticed while editing photos that there were some remarkable resemblances between the various first cousins who were the Grand children of John and Ellen Middlebrook, and I thought it  would be a worthwhile venture to place all the photos together - though as there were 43 born in this generation, I decided to split the pages into Grand Daughters and Grand Sons. We are lucky to have photos of so many. Noticeably missing are the first two Granddaughters - Amelia and Ellen ( Ellen has been a bit of a researchers nemesis to date - with no birth registration, marriage nor death registration found so far- though we are certain of her existence as she is mentioned several times in letters to and from her mother Jane and her Uncle Welsh McRae. We have no birth registration for Amelia either, though we do have marriage and death registrations for her.  Also missing are photos of Benjamin's two daughters, Sara and Mary Ellen . Apart from that the only other photos missing were the 3 girls who died in early childhood.
There are some quite distinct resemblances as  you can see - especially the square jaw which seems predominant in several branches of the family . Quite a lovely looking lot these ladies were I think.
We know that various branches of the family had quite a lot to do with each other. I wonder how often and how many of these ladies got together and commented on how alike they were.
I was lucky to have a family photograph of John and MaryAnn Middlebrooks large family, though i would love to have some more photos of the Middlebrook women to choose from so if any of you have further photos I would appreciate scans or copies for the upcoming pictorial book.

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Here are the men of this generation who were Grandsons of John and Ellen. On this page Im missing the eldest McRae, John Roderick ( though we do have a photo of him outside his Bootmakers shop in Pukekohe thanks to John Rush, it wasnt close up enough to include here. The only photo I have of Thomas McRae is of him as an elderly man  - again Id love to have another photograph of him. Also missing is George Douglas Hardy jr,- He was a councillor on the Devonport Council so I will attempt to contact Auckland Council Archives to see if they have a photograph of him.  I identified who I thought was Robert Farrar Hardy from a wedding photograph of his sister Lily - If I am wrong in my assumption please let me know - again I would dearly love a better photo of him .
I have a group  photo ( thanks to John Midlebrook in Sydney) which apparently has John Farrer Middlebrook  ( Benjamin's son) in it but I have no idea which of the 3 men in the photo he would be so I have left him blank for now too.
The only other 2 missing were sons of Elizabeth and George Douglas Hardy who died in childhood.
Look closely at these photos - therels such a strong resemblence between several of the men - especially I think between Walter and Russell on the bottom line, and Robert Farrar Middlebrook and John Thompson Middlebrook.
Again if anyone has any further photographs for inclusion in the Middlebrook Book I would dearly appreciate receiving them.

Reunion Registration is now Open

We are excited to announce registration is now open for the Reunion.
Thanks to those of you who have already registered. We are so looking forward to meeting you.
The reunion will be held on January 24th and 25th 2015 at Fairway Lodge, Silverfield, Takapuna.
We have negotiated what we feel is the best  price and format for our needs and we are able to offer several options in our aim to have as many attend as possible. We hope to make  this event pleasurable and enjoyable as possible while making it as affordable as we can.
To that end we have formatted the two days as follows:
Saturday 24th January
11am - 4pm
The day will begin with check in where you will be issued with name tags denoting which branch of the family you belong to . This will make it easy for you to recognise those who descend from the same branch of the family as yourself.
From 12 noon we will have our photographer taking formal group photos of each branch of the family and of the whole group, along with roaming candid photos throughout the day.
These photographs will be available in an inexpensive  book form, after the reunion. Orders to be taken on the day or beforehand  via a form which will be included in a later newsletter.
Leading up to the reunion we will announce the price of  a photographic family history book which will be available for pre-purchase and pick up at the reunion.
Finger food and tea and coffee will be supplied throughout the day and a cash bar will also be available for those who wish to make use of it.
There will be photographic and informational displays and a large family tree available for viewing.
Saturday primarily though is a mix and mingle event where we can all get to know each other.
Feel free to bring along any photos or copies, along with family mementos you wish to share or display.
Saturday Evening
This is at your leisure. We have suggestions for local restaurants for those interested.
Sunday 25th January
12 noon - 3:00pm
Buffet Luncheon
Sit down lunch with presentations and speakers (descendants) and cutting of the Reunion Cake
Middlebrook Reunion Registration Form
If you prefer to print and fill in a paper form you can download it here
Please share the registration forms with anyone who may be interested in attending

Middlebrook Family History Website is now Live

The first stage of the Middlebrook Family History Website is now up and viewable.
All the links to the first generation are live and more will be added over coming weeks and months. There is also a link to subscribe to this newsletter and a link to the reunion on the website
You can view the website here  Currently this website is being serviced with a free option which requires the small advertising banners- however its possible it can be upgraded at a later date.


This photo was included with photographs belonging to  Rae and Bess Burk ( nee Middlebrook)Bess was the youngest  daughter of Samuel Middlebrook,and Rae was her daughter. This is a large mounted photograph but has no name written on the back.  Does anyone recognise her?

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Your Stories Required

We welcome and would much appreciate your reminiscences or stories relating to the Middlebrook Family for inclusion in future newsletters and on the upcoming website..
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