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Latest newsletter–June 16 2014

Welcome to new subscribers to the newsletter

We have 5 new family groups who have subscribed this week to the newsletter.
Welcome! - Its so exciting to see us growing in numbers.
Remember if you haven't already - Please fill in a Family Group Sheet so we can add you and your family to the Middlebrook Family Tree
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Family Bible Update

Its still missing but we now have a photocopy of some of its pages
Thanks to John Rush,  ( Great Grandson of Jane Thompson Middlebrook ) we now have a photocopy of a few pages from the Middlebrook Family Bible. Most excitingly on comparing the handwriting to the will of Ellen Middlebrook ( which was hand written) its clear that some parts of it were added to by her. T

This is obviously the same bible that several other family members have transcripts taken from as the wording on the second page here is identical to those transcriptions

The words "near Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire " is written in the same handwriting as that of Ellen Middlebrook's will which was included in the last newsletter.
The third page includes obituary notices for various family members back in England and some unknown people - who perhaps were good friends of the family as at this point the names are not known to us.

Most of the clippings are from the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, except for the clipping regarding Bernard Montgomery which must have been placed much later by a member of the family who believed the story that several branches of the family were told - that we were related to Archbishop Frederick Farrar and therefore his grandson Bernard Montgomery. ( This of course has since been proved false).
Below are transcriptions of some of the clippings on this page- If anyone has further info on any of the "non Farrer" names and their connection to the family we would love to hear from you.

DEATH OF Mr B.P. FARRER - We regret to have to announce the death of Mr Benjamin Piercy Farrer, solicitor of Scarborough,  eldest son of Dr Farrer, formerly of Brighouse. Mr B.P.Farrer who was articled with Messrs. Chambers and Chambers, solicitors, of Brighouse, was well known in this district where he practised for some time prior to his removal to Scarborough. In politics Mr. Farrer was a Conservative, and when in Brighouse, he took an active part in the Conservative ?..... He was of the founders of the Brighouse Conservative Club and was for some time a member of the Committee. Mr Farrer,who had attained the age of 41years  died at the residence of his father, Eawood Lodge,Scarborough, on Wednesday afternoon. The funeral is to take place at Brighouse Parish Church tomorrow ( Saturday) forenoon, and the cortege will leave the Brighouse Railway Station at half past eleven o'clock.

Benjamin Piercy Farrer ( son of Robert Farrer who was Ellen Farrer Middlebrook's brother) 1853-1894

The dean of the surgeons of the Atlantic Fleet, if not among the steamships of the world, is Dr J. Fourness-Brice, of the steamship Cymric, of the Boston-Liverpool Service of the WhiteStar Line. Dr Brice, has practiced his profession on shipboard since 1859. He was born in England in 1826, was graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons in London in 1850, and from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, in 1838.His connection with the Steamship Service, came about as the result of an accident.  Had already come into extensive practice in South Yorkshire, having followed in the footsteps of a kinsman lately deceased. When one day on a foxhunt, his mount fell, and the young physician received an injury that prevented his continuing in practice.  He went to America and after an extended stay, returned as surgeon on the American Steamship Congress. Dr Brice, in spite of his 78 years is an active progressive physician. When he is ashore in America he spends most of his time in the hospitals in order to keep abreast of the times. When the ship is at Liverpoool, he betakes himself to his Yorkshire home, where he enjoys the freedom of the moorlands and the society of his ...... two daughters. Dr Brice has crossed the Atlantic  nearly 900 times .

FARRER -  On May 15 at Beancroft House Castleford Aged 66, Charles Farrer, Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages, Interment at Castleford Cemetery tomorrow ( Tuesday May 19), leaving the ?house at 1.00. Friends will please accept this ( this only) invitation(?)

OBITUARY-   On Tuesday last, the interment of Mr Chas. Farrer, of Beancroft Road for many years, the district Registrar, took place in the grounds of the Castleford Cemetery.  The deceased was held in high esteem by a large circle of friends. Mrs Farrer is also suffering from influenza. Much sympathy is expressed toward Mrs Farrer and the family.

Charles Farrer ( Brother of Ellen Farrer Middlebrook) 1825-1891

ARIELL -   On September 9 at Thorne, Paparoa, Kaipara, William Whittaker Ariell, Esq. J.P. of Thorne, Paparoa and Doncaster, England. Aged 76 years. London and Yorkshire papers please copy.

William Whittaker Ariell died in 1897 . Could the Ariells possibly be neighbours and friends of the Middlebrook family who had land in the Matakohe /Paparoa region in early years they lived in New Zealand?

Baron Farrer, aged 80 is dead. He was Permanent Secretary to the Board of Trade,(resigning in 1886, the title of Baron, being granted to him for public service.

At this point we can not find a relationship between Baron ( Thomas Henry) Farrer and Ellen Farrer.

MARRIAGES - ELLIOT-RHODES-  January 14 at the parish church, Thornes by the Rev. W.J. Pearson, vicar of St Marys Old Sculcoates assisted by the Rev.J Coombes vicar of the parish. Henry Stephen, second son of Stephen Elliott, Newmarket House, Stanley to Mary Penelope, eldest daughter of William Rhodes, Duncan House Thornes.

This connection took a little while to find but we found it!!
Stephen Elliott, the father of the groom in this marriage notice was the first son of Thomas Elliott and Hannah Elliott ( nee Thompson) Hannah Thompson was the youngest daughter of James and Elizabeth Thompson, therefore the sister of Ellen Thompson who was Ellen Farrer's Mother, making Ellen Farrer, first cousin of the father of the Groom .

(1904)  Miss Jessie Fairchild, daughter of the late Mr James Robert Fairchild, of Melbourne, was married on June 1 at St Lukes, Redcliffe-square, London, to Mr Lester Browning Booty, sixth son of the late Mr James H Booty..

Jessie Mary Farrar Fairchild was the  daughter of   James Robert Farrar Fairchild. His father was  James Farrar 1818- 1845 apparently and was married to Mary Ann Finley. We are yet to find the connection between James Farrar and our Farrer family. More research is obviously required.

London February 14 1908
The by-election for the representation of South Leeds in the House of Commons, rendered necessary by the death of Sir John Lawson Walton ( late Attorney- General), resulted in the election of Mr Middlebrook(Liberal). The voting was as follows
Middlebrook (Liberal) 5274
Neville ( Conservative) 4915
Fox (Labour) 1451

This refers to Sir William Middlebrook who was the son of George Middlebrook, brother of Thomas Middlebrook- 2x Great Grandfather of John Middlebrook ( the patriarch of our family). This makes Sir William a first cousin, 3 times removed of John Middlebrook.


This photo was from the collection of John Rush. We think she may possibly be a young Jane Thompson Middlebrook, but this is just supposition based on a comparison with some other photos we have of Jane such as the one below . Both women share similar features in the shape of their eye and brow line and similar nose ( though the older woman has slightly more prominent nose as is common in older people.)

Middlebrook Family History Website is now Live

The first stage of the Middlebrook Family History Website is now up and viewable.
All the links to the first generation are live and more will be added over coming weeks and months. There is also a link to subscribe to this newsletter and a link to the reunion on the website
You can view the website here  Currently this website is being serviced with a free option which requires the small advertising banners- however its possible it can be upgraded at a later date.

Reunion Registration is now Open

We are excited to announce registration is now open for the Reunion.
The reunion will be held on January 24th and 25th 2015 at Fairway Lodge, Silverfield, Takapuna.
We have negotiated what we feel is the best  price and format for our needs and we are able to offer several options in our aim to have as many attend as possible. We hope to make  this event pleasurable and enjoyable as possible while making it as affordable as we can.
To that end we have formatted the two days as follows:
Saturday 24th January
11am - 4pm
The day will begin with check in where you will be issued with name tags denoting which branch of the family you belong to . This will make it easy for you to recognise those who descend from the same branch of the family as yourself.
From 12 noon we will have our photographer taking formal group photos of each branch of the family and of the whole group, along with roaming candid photos throughout the day.
These photographs will be available in an inexpensive  book form, after the reunion. Orders to be taken on the day or beforehand  via a form which will be included in a later newsletter.
Leading up to the reunion we will announce the price of  a photographic family history book which will be available for pre-purchase and pick up at the reunion.
Finger food and tea and coffee will be supplied throughout the day and a cash bar will also be available for those who wish to make use of it.
There will be photographic and informational displays and a large family tree available for viewing.
Saturday primarily though is a mix and mingle event where we can all get to know each other.
Feel free to bring along any photos or copies, along with family mementos you wish to share or display.
Saturday Evening
This is at your leisure. We have suggestions for local restaurants for those interested.
Sunday 25th January
12 noon - 3:00pm
Buffet Luncheon
Sit down lunch with presentations and speakers (descendants) and cutting of the Reunion Cake
Middlebrook Reunion Registration Form
If you prefer to print and fill in a paper form you can download it here
Please share the registration forms with anyone who may be interested in attending

Your Stories and Photos Required

We welcome and would much appreciate your reminiscences or stories relating to the Middlebrook Family for inclusion in future newsletters , in the website, and in the to be published Middlebrook Pictorial History Book. Please send these to Lauren.

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